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Our Technology

As Footscray's newest dental surgery, we have invested in the latest technology to:

• Improve your dental experience
• More accurately advise our patients on the necessary treatment
• Reduce the need for you to travel to other locations for the most common scans or dental treatments
• Lower radiation exposure for patients and clinicians

Low-Dose Digital X-Rays

X-Rays are a diagnostic tool which helps provide information to your dentist about your mouth that they cannot see with their own eyes. For example, is there decay between the teeth, or what is happening within your jaw bone?

Our X-Ray machines are state-of-the-art digital and therefore low-dose, meaning our systems and techniques limit the amount of radiation created. It also makes it easier for the dentist to show you exactly what is going on in your mouth via the chair side monitor.

Low Dose OPG

The low-dose OPG gives a wide view of the mouth, basically from ear to ear. This gives the dentist more comprehensive information on the teeth and the bones of the upper and lower jaw, including the jaw joints and the sinus areas.

Like our digital X-Ray, the digital OPG system utilizes significantly less radiation than a conventional X-Ray and can be viewed almost instantaneously on the chair-side monitor. This is significant in providing you with a more efficient service.

Intraoral Cameras

When you understand your treatment and are given choices in your care, it takes a lot of the anxiety out of dentistry. Intraoral cameras go a long way toward accomplishing these objectives.

The cameras are small, about the size of a normal pen. However, they capture close images of your teeth and gums. Your dentist can then project these images onto a chair-side monitor and explain how various treatments can help a specific problem or how a recommended therapy may combat an oral health issue.

This technology informs and educates, assisting you in making informed oral health decisions going forward.

LED Headlamps

Certain aspects of sitting in the chair at the dentist's office are unpleasant for many patients. One of those things is the high glare from the dental light.

When paired with high-tech dental loupes (the scopes that are usually attached to dentists' eyeglass frames) – LED headlamps can eliminate the need for overhead lamps entirely. At the same time, they allow dentists to see the magnified area more clearly, which allows them to employ a more effective clinical approach.

As a bonus, LED headlamps, unlike their traditional counterparts, require much smaller batteries that tend to stay charged for much longer. Therefore, they help cut down on energy usage and make life easier for dentists and their assistants.

Digital Impressions

Messy moulds are a thing of the past. We create digital impressions to make procedures like crowns and bridges comfortable and, importantly, more accurate.

Digital Records

Keeping your personal information, including your dental history, stored safely is one of our top priorities at Top Dentists.

Digital storage also allows us to access your information quickly, compare past appointments, see any changes to your dental health, and share information with specialists electronically when needed. Also, paper usage is limited, so it is better for the environment!

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